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Dalton… Make good use of your fingertips if you want to unlock her waterfall.

Squirting is seen as a woman’s domain by boys. It takes two to tangle, as men are well aware. As a male, it is your obligation to make your girlfriend squirt.

It’s an art to squirt. It’s on the other end of the spectrum from letting go of your woman. Squirting indicates that she has let go of everything in her head, and you are now free to reside there.

It’s up to you to claim her as your own. It’s up to you to take her someplace she’s never been while she’s naked in front of you. She’s filled to the brim with water. If you want to go swimming, it is up to you to make sure you have everything you need.

Take little but steady steps! When you rush through anything, you end up ruining it. The only way to go is slowly but steadily. After all, God gave you all the tools you need to offer a woman such pleasure.

Learn how to get ready for sex. You must learn to prepare unless it is a quickie. Create a soothing environment. Allow it to be deliberate.

Candles, music, alcohol, or whatever else helps her unwind completely. You should know a few things about her because she is your woman.

A woman must be able to entirely trust you and the area code before she can relax. Anything that makes her feel or think she’s in danger makes her squirm out the window.

The most important tool in the squirting process is a man’s hands. Your woman should be able to sense every touch in the gentlest way possible. Make sure your hands are free of debris.

Getting rid of the fishy odor is a must. Wash the other women off your hands and get ready for her alone.

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Those nails that make you look like you work in a sewage treatment facility aren’t going to make your woman squirt. They’ll dry her up since all she can think about is how you’ve forgotten about cleanliness.

Learn how to pique your woman’s interest. It’s not about throwing money at her that has her squirming. It’s all about making her body feel like it belongs in that space with you.

Massage her in the most erotic manner possible. Learn about Nuru massages if you have to. Touch her as if she were fully yours.

Place your girlfriend on the bed, spread her legs, and know that you are about to enter the promised land.

With a clean index finger, study and enter her choockie. This must be done carefully and gently. When you’re in there, feel for her G-spot, which is a rough hump.

Make upward and downward movements by slightly bending your finger. It could take one or two fingers, depending on how tight your woman is. Just don’t stomp on her.

Stimulate the spot till the girl reaches the pinnacle of her abilities. Do not inquire as to how a woman reaches her pinnacle. You’ll figure it out. Her moaning, breathing, and sensual motions will all confirm this. Her inner beast will erupt.

At that time, pull out your machine pistol and start stroking. When you’ve perfected this method, you won’t need your fingertips anymore.

Your machine gun will memorize her inner and outer G-spots, and every time she thinks about sex, your name will be on her mind and clit.

Make her squirt for you until next time!


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