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Cristiano Ronaldo’s attack on Manchester United teammates, backed by manager Ralf Rangnick

Cristiano Ronaldo's attack on Manchester United teammates, backed by manager Ralf Rangnick: 'This has to happen.'

RALF RANGNICK applauded Cristiano Ronaldo’s savage attack on his failing teammates, warning: “It’s time they all listened.”

Manchester United’s season would be a “horror” unless the players’ mindsets improved, according to Ronaldo.

The Portuguese also slammed the club’s youthful players for not listening to the advice of more experienced players in the locker room.

Rangnick, the temporary manager at Old Trafford, has now conceded that his team is disunited.

And the German has urged Ronaldo, 36, to continue giving the team’very straightforward’ guidance.

Rangnick said before of tonight’s Premier League match against Aston Villa: “The older and younger players must play as a team and be together on the pitch.”

“We have so many top, fantastic players, and it reminds me of what Cristiano said — we have to work together and develop as a team.”

“It helps a lot, even in the locker room, to speak to the boys in a very straightforward manner if it’s necessary.”

“If Cristiano or any of the other players want to speak directly to the players on the pitch or in the locker room, they are more than welcome to do so.”

“We now have enough experienced, older players who can not only be role models in training, on the field, and in games, but also be role models in their own right.”

“However, they can do it in all those locker room chats, or when they’re all gathered in the hotel prior of the game.”

“And all I can do is invite, challenge, and tell all of the players, including the older ones, to do it on a regular basis.”

“It helps much more in a squad like the one we have now.” In the United camp, there are several cliques.

As Bazzup sports reported yesterday, a number of the younger players are intimidated by Ronaldo and are afraid of receiving a negative reaction if they make a mistake or fail to pass to him.

Rangnick, on the other hand, believes that now is the time for everyone to band together and get their season back on track.

“The younger players we have are quite talented, and we have enough experienced players,” he continued.

“At the end of the day, it’s a team sport.” It’s a game of chance.


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