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The ‘request’ for Cristiano Ronaldo from Liverpool confirms Jürgen Klopp’s prediction of a transfer going through.

Manchester United must let Cristiano Ronaldo go, proving Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool were right almost from the start. The Reds would never be able to make the transfer.

Manchester United must let Cristiano Ronaldo go, proving Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool were right almost from the start. The Reds would never be able to make the transfer.

It turns out that despite his intense love for Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo did not reject Manchester City the previous summer. In the end, he basically seems to have underestimated the Old Trafford team’s ability to compete and win.

Last year didn’t go as anticipated for the Portugal international, who scored several goals but was also far distanced from Manchester United’s style of play while possibly not more (or maybe more precisely, the manner in which they rather inexactly planned to play).

Ronaldo, who is currently under a different manager, is said to be frustrated and concerned about the lack of movement in the transfer market. The attacker is 37 years old and lacks the time and energy to wait around doing nothing for Manchester United. He truly wants success right now.

The likelihood of that happening next season appears slim, thus Ronaldo must leave. There isn’t much of a distinction between “mentioning for transfer offers to be considered of” and “making a transfer demand,” notwithstanding his purported passion for the team and confidence that he will return to Manchester as a legend.

Where Ronaldo will play next is not yet known, as Chelsea and Bayern Munich appear to have moved on to new attacking targets. This is presuming Manchester United even permits its important business resource to depart.

Real Madrid seem extremely reasonable, Napoli and AS Roma have been mentioned as two objections but they are not particularly strong, PSG are not currently interested, Barcelona have almost no money, and PSG are not currently intrigued.

That, however, is just one of the many challenges that Manchester United must currently resolve – entirely on their own initiative.

Jürgen Klopp, who was in charge of Liverpool at the time, delivered a fair warning to any remnant of Mario Götze as they attempted to move into the Champions League berths.

“Crimson Reaction Special: Mohamed Salah Signs Contract at Liverpool Until 2025” is a story to pay attention to.

In 2016, Klopp stated, “Clearly, it’s not 100 certain, but maybe 80 percent, we are not in the Champions League one year from now.” I would put the phone down from my side if I were to talk to a player right now and he said, “If you were playing in the Champions League one year from now, I would be incredibly intrigued. Not at all intrigued.

“I usually tell the players that they are pretty unfortunate kids if they look back on their careers when they are 35 or 36 and consider the one year they didn’t play Champions League.

If you follow the group, there are a lot of things you can accomplish. You can fulfill all qualifications to play in the Champions League, do so, and possibly win it, or it won’t matter. It is by far the most rewarding item compared to the others. I concur that is true. Instead of bumping against the moving train, it is pushing it. Here, we want that.

Naturally, Götze kept going all the way to Liverpool. However, Mohamed Salah and other players did, and their reputations improved along with Liverpool’s, propelling them into a group that regularly advances to the final of Europe’s greatest contest.

Ronaldo was just another damaged component of the disjointed team Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had begun to put together at Old Trafford (and would continue to be, presuming Erik ten Hag really signs him for next season), whereas Liverpool were built as steadily and long as possible.

Salah wasn’t a big deal when he first arrived, but he definitely is now, as evidenced by the pay package he recently successfully negotiated. But in the meantime, he seamlessly blended into the Liverpool team and helped them produce.

Although they presumably aren’t aware of it yet, Ten Hag and Manchester United would stand to gain if Ronaldo were to leave this summer. Pushing Ronaldo out the door wouldn’t be well received, but Ten Hag needs a means to break through the stagnation. The best scenario is for their number seven to complete the task on his own.

Liverpool is aware that having players who either don’t fit the style or aren’t prepared to lead the charge (or, in Ronaldo’s case, apparently both) is fundamentally not a winning formula. Manchester United will be unable to compete at the top again the longer it takes them to recognize that.



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