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CRISTIANO RONALDO reacted angrily to former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney

Cristiano Ronaldo responds to Wayne Rooney’s ‘jealousy’ after the Derby manager encourages Man Utd to AXE his former team-mate.

CRISTIANO RONALDO reacted angrily to former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney’s suggestion that his time at the club is up.

On Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Rooney analyzed Ronaldo’s influence at United, claiming that his signing was a failure.

In addition, the Derby manager recommended his previous club to rethink their strategy and play with young, eager players instead of Ronaldo.

In response to Rooney’s Instagram post of MNF, Ronaldo remarked “Two envious” with an eyes emoji.

As a result, CR7 may have made the remark in jest to make fun of his pal.

Wayne Rooney claimed the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo has not worked out

When asked if Ronaldo’s signing for United had paid off, Rooney replied: “Right now, you’d have to say no.

“I believe he has scored goals, and he has scored key goals early in the season in the Champions League. Against Tottenham, he scored a hat-trick.

“But, if you look at the club’s future, I believe you should go with younger, more eager players to help lift Manchester United over the next two or three years.

“Cristiano, on the other hand, is clearly getting on in years. He isn’t the same player he was when he was in his twenties. That’s football, so it happens.

“He’s a goal danger, but I believe they need more in the rest of the game, young, eager players.”

However, it appears that a large number of supporters prefer Ronaldo than Rooney, with the forward’s Instagram reply receiving 60,000 likes.

Ronaldo suggested his former team-mate is jealous of him

Since his return, the Portuguese has scored 18 goals, including crucial victories to help United advance to the Champions League knockout rounds.

In a crucial game in the fight to finish in the top four this season, he also scored a superb hat-trick against Tottenham last month.

In fact, when Ronaldo isn’t available, the Red Devils haven’t won a single league game this season.


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