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Court accepts new evidence challenging Aloysius Mukasa’s election

Lawyers for Eugene Nassolo, who is challenging Aloysius Mukasa’s election as Lubaga South MP, have presented additional evidence to the High Court in Kampala.

On Tuesday, lawyers led by Caleb Alaka, Sam Muyizzi, and Kenneth Paul Kakande requested that the court allow them to file new evidence in the form of five additional affidavits to support the petition challenging Mukasa’s election, but Mukasa’s lawyers objected, claiming that the move would prejudice their case.

However, Lady Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde, in her judgment, stated that there is no indication that filling out the extra affidavits will have an impact on the case.

“At this point in time, neither the respondents nor the court are aware of the substance of the affidavits in issue, which means the court cannot simply dismiss them on the basis that they are introducing new grounds,” Nabisinde stated.

When arguing with Nassolo’s attorneys, the court chastised Mukasa’s legal team for just talking about the new evidence prejudiceing the case without giving any examples, adding that the worries are only hypothetical.

“For the sake of the case, the court cannot determine whether they (petitioner) are introducing new reasons or providing grounds that are already in the petition until the additional affidavits are allowed on record.”

The judge was quick to assuage Mukasa’s attorneys’ worries, noting that if fresh reasons were brought in the supplementary affidavits, the law would take precedence and the matter would be erased from the court records upon application.

She accepted the five new affidavits and told Nassolo’s attorneys to serve them on Mukasa’s lawyers so they could respond.

The case was delayed by Lady Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde to Monday, August 30, 2021.


Eugene Nassolo, the runner-up in the Lubaga South constituency votes on January 14, contested Aloysius Mukasa’s victory, alleging that he bought voters with facemasks, soap, sugar, and matooke, as well as missing the required academic papers to run for Parliament.


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