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Consumption of juice leading cause of diabetes in Uganda- Experts

Leading health experts have warned that excessive fruit juice drinking is contributing to Uganda’s diabetes pandemic.

The Assistant Commissioner for non-communicable illnesses, Dr. Gerald Mutungi, has warned the people to reassess nutrition.

This is part of a larger effort to combat rising diabetes rates in the country. Dr. Mutungi stresses that while fruits are good, excessive fruit juice consumption is dangerous.

Fruit juices have concentrated sugars that quickly raise blood glucose levels, unlike whole fruits, which include fiber and natural sugars that are slowly digested.

A major public health issue in Uganda is diabetes, which is connected to lifestyle and diet. Dr. Mutungi advises against drinking fruit juices and recommends whole fruits. While enjoying the nutritional benefits of fruits, this diet change can reduce diabetes risk.

The call to action from health authorities underscores the urgent need for public awareness campaigns and education on the perils of excessive juice consumption.


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