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Chelsea: Didier Drogba’s bitter assessment after the elimination

Beaten by Real Madrid (2-0) on Tuesday night in the quarterfinal second leg of the Champions League, Chelsea is eliminated from the competition. A setback for the Blues after the first leg on the same score, which does not help their statistics this season. Already in bad shape in the league, the Londoners have suffered a series of setbacks, much to the dismay of Didier Drogba. Invited on the Canal Champions Club, the Ivorian did not fail to show his concern.

“I don’t recognize my club, it’s not the same anymore. There is a new owner and a new vision. Of course, we tried to compare this to what happened during the Roman Abramovich era, when many players were recruited, but the decisions were very smart. It was made to win titles,” detailed the Blues legend before talking about the current management of the team: “The strategy is now different, we bet on young players. But a dressing room with more than 30 players is difficult to manage for a coach. There is a lack of charismatic leaders. You need players who take on the game, who take on their responsibilities.”

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