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Omoro is rocked by chants and excitement when Ojok Oulanyah is nominated by the electoral commission.

Ojok Andrew Oulanyah was legally nominated by the electoral commission to compete in the Omoro County by-election

Ojok Andrew Oulanyah was legally nominated by the electoral commission to compete in the Omoro County by-election, prompting chants and enthusiasm at Omoro district headquarters on Friday.

“Congratulations Ojok Andrew Oulanyah on being nominated as the NRM Flagbearer for the Omoro County by-election by the Independent National Electoral Commission,” the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party said in a social media statement.

Later, exuberant supporters greeted him in Keto Village, Lakwana Subcounty.

Todwong, NRM SG, and Ojok

“I am grateful to the NRM for selecting me.” “I’d also like to thank those who stepped aside for me,” Ojok remarked following his nomination.

“It is time to unify the people of Omoro and work for our community’s growth.”

Thousands of fans dressed in yellow greeted him in Wiigweng village, Tegot Parish in Akidi Subcounty.

Members of Parliament present included the Area Woman MP, Hon. Catherine Lamwaka, Kitgum Woman MP, Hon. Lilian Aber, Hon Baroda Watongola, Kamuli Municipality MP, Hon Boniface Okot (Youth MP Northern Region), Omoro LCV Chairperson Okello Peter Douglas, and others.

Hon Odonga Otto, former Aruu County MP, was also present.

Odonga Otto expresses his support for Ojok.

Otto proclaimed his support for the NRM flagbearer in front of ecstatic fans.

“I am come to support my son Andrew Ojok Oulanya for the job of Member of Parliament for Omoro County.” “Let him go to parliament and do the work that his father began,” he remarked.

“It is the least the family deserves at this terrible time,” he added. A political party is a vehicle, but friendship knows no bounds.”

FDC introduces a fresh candidate

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party has announced Odong Justine as its parliamentary candidate for Omoro County elections.

Odong Justine, the FDC’s new candidate

The FDC’s senior campaigner in the Omoro County by-election, Philip Polly Okin Ojara, had earlier revealed to journalists that the party’s candidate, Owani, will be nominated today amid abduction and bribery allegations.

“Dangerous replacement! “Following the junta’s attack, kidnapping, and theft of Denis Owani’s nomination papers, we officially unveil Odong Justine as our Parliamentary candidate for Omoro County,” the party said on Friday.

Odong is the previous LC3 Chairperson Koro Subcounty, Tochi County Omoro district from 2016 to 2021.

Odong has been nominated.

Oscar Kiiza is presented by ANT.

Kizza Oscar (Opota) has been named as the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Party’s candidate for the by-election.

“Good morning, greetings from Omoro County, Omoro District.” “I was nominated as the ANT flag bearer in the By-election 2022-2026,” Kiiza declared upon his nomination.

“Things are gaining shape and going towards center stage,” he added.

The party also promoted him on Twitter, writing, “Support our candidate for Omoro County, Omoro District.”

Toolit Simon Akecha, the National Unity Platform’s (NUP) legally nominated candidate for Omoro County, was unveiled.


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