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Ug Football, BLQ & Crown Football scam billions from Ugandans

Ug Football finaly pulls its website offline a few hours after BLQ Football has pulled its websites offline. Exit-scam complete, sorry for your loss. At time of publication, both website domains are now in maintenance mode.

Kampala, Uganda | Bazzup – Lots of Ugandans are currently in and still in tears after a companies known as BLQ Football (, Ug Football ( scammed them and stole their monies worth billions of shillings. Attention was brought to public notice after the National Gaming and Lotteries Board (LGRB) issued a notice warning Ugandans to refrain from dealing with the company.

For starters, all the mentioned companies (not sure if they had even been registered) claimed to be investment companies where members make money by recruiting others as well buy/trade daily games which assured them a 2%-8% profit interest on their monies. This sounds familiar with several other schemes in the country which have operated here before and ended up scamming people such as the Ponzi scheme.

It should be noted that these comapnies once existed in Nigeria and citizens there in lost millions of monies. In Nigeria, it run as 8fb football.

According to their websites, which are now offline, BLQ Football and Ug Football promised users they would make quick money and become rich through reverse betting.

Reverse betting is a unique type of betting which allows you to make a bet with reverse action. This means that you have two wagers placed both ways. If your first wager wins or pushes, then your second wager will be placed, or wager two wins, place one.

BLQ first operated in some parts of Europe and fled after stealing lots of money from unsuspecting victims. It then migrated to South Africa doing the same thing and after being smoked out came to Uganda It trades as BLQ FOOTBALL Uganda on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and through their website.

Acording to Bazzup Cyber Analysis and Fact Check, domain was registered in 2014 but onlt became active in May 2022.

The LGRB in their notice dated 11th October said that Ugandans who deal with BLQ should know that its illegal. They also revealed how they had alerted UCC to in turn direct Airtel and MTN to halt Mobile money services to clients of the company.

“Upon investigation, the Board has established that Acclaim BLQ Sports SMC Ltd t/a BLQ Football Uganda is operating illegal online gaming activities without a license.”

We have alerted Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and are in receipt of a directive to MTN, Airtel and other internet service providers to block this site from providing any gaming services to Ugandans.”

Citizens were also advised to refrain from dealing with unlicensed or illegal gaming operators “who lure and defraud unsuspecting members of the public.”

The public was also further advised to always verify the registration and licence status of such companies and schemes before engaging with them as such info is always listed on the LGRB’s website. Upon this information Ugandans especially university students who had invested tuition in the business started freaking out.

Attempts to withdraw their monies failed and these were left sweating plasma thinking their monies were gone. BLQ however made fun of this statement from the Lotteries board and said they would never sign up as it is of no use.

“Dear @lgrb_uganda we’re officially inviting you to signup and start making money with our platform, than calling on MTN & AIRTEL to delay payments for our members BLQ won’t join your association; you even failed to save Betway & SBA. ….Hello USDT users,” BLQ said.

After this BLQ announced how “Notice: All withdrawals have been returned to their respective account balances! All members can now withdraw, our current withdraw will be automatically credited to your account within 24-48hrs. we regret for the inconvenience.”

As the participants in the scheme were still jubilant, BLQ Football dropped a time bomb on them as it announced that it was signing out and these should count their losses and tears started flowing again.

BLQ Football started selectively disabling withdrawals and locking accounts a few weeks ago. Over time the amount of withdrawals and accounts being locked increased, prompting baseless threats to investors.

Within 24 hours of BehindMLM calling BLQ Football’s collapse, the scam initiated the final steps of its exit-scam.

Despite only being around for a few months, BLQ Football held an “anniversary event” on October 11th. The “event” was just an excuse to extract more money from people, promising bonus credit on investor recruitment.

Towards the end of October 11th, BLQ Football addressed withdrawal concerns by initiating a “we got hacked!” exit-scam.

On October 12th the Ugandan Lotteries and Gaming Board published a BLQ Football securities fraud warning.

On that same day BLQ Football doubled down on its exit-scam, demanding investors pay a 20% tax on requested withdrawal amounts.

On October 13th BLQ Football’s websites went offline.

BLQ Football was a “click a button” Ponzi scheme that purposefully targeted Uganda. Recruitment initially spread to China but was promptly shut down by September.

The “click a button” app-based Ponzi schemes began emerging towards the end of 2021. They mostly target third world countries, where mobile phones are the dominant access point to the internet.

BehindMLM is aware of several similar scams targeting Ugandans; e-Cairo, Dubai Stocks, MetaUI (non-MLM), UG Football and Crown Football.

These are all Ponzi schemes that will end the same way BLQ Football did; with the majority of investors losing money.

BehindMLM reviews on the MLM Ponzi schemes above are pending. In the meantime:

  • do not give any more money to BLQ Football or anyone representing they are part of it
  • nobody can get your money back from BLQ Football, anyone claiming to be able to is trying to double-scam you
  • the money in your BLQ Football backoffice never existed, you were scammed
  • the reason you can’t log in to your BLQ Football account is because it was a Ponzi scheme that has now collapsed
  • anyone luring you into another investment scheme to recover your BLQ Football losses is trying to double-scam you
  • BLQ Football is part of 40+ “click a button” Ponzis launched by Chinese scammers, they aren’t giving you your money back – your best bet is going after whoever recruited you



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