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Biometric IDs rolled out illegal by Kenyan court

The Kenyan High Court has ruled that the implementation of a biometric identification scheme known as Huduma Namba is illegal.

According to the judge, the launch was in violation of the 2019 data protection statute.

The administration was also criticized for failing to consider how the deployment would affect data protection before to implementing it.

As required by law, the interior ministry is responsible for conducting the investigation.

The Huduma Namba system was established in order to consolidate all of a citizen’s information into a single card, allowing them to get simple access to all government services.

In 2019, sensitive information, such as contact information, fingerprints, and a person’s occupation, was gathered via a variety of sources.

The plan had already been blocked by the court as early as last year, pending the passage of new data protection legislation.

Kenyans have already begun collecting Huduma Namba cards, which have been printed in large numbers and distributed throughout the country.

Official government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna advised people who had not yet obtained their voter identification cards to do so on Wednesday and reiterated that the cards will not be utilized in the upcoming general election, according to local media.


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