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As the government’s required Covid testing for incoming tourists begin, Museveni commissions facilities.

Following President Museveni's commissioning of the testing facilities, the government has begun testing all tourists entering the nation for Covid.

Following President Museveni’s commissioning of the testing facilities, the government has begun testing all tourists entering the nation for Covid.

The president officially unveiled the laboratories at a ceremony conducted at Entebbe International Airport as part of the government’s efforts to reduce the entry of dangerous coronavirus strains into the country.

Museveni praised all parties who helped make it possible, including the Finance Ministry, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Works and Transport, UPDF Engineering Brigade, and Civil Aviation Authority, in his remarks during the unveiling.

“It is my delight to announce that the government’s health staff will begin testing immediately,” Museveni stated.

The measure, according to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, is aimed to prevent additional importation of fatal coronavirus strains into the country as well as the third wave of the deadly virus.

The government’s mandated testing of incoming travelers was supposed to start last month, but it was postponed to allow the administration to construct facilities.

As a result, the Ministry of Health established testing facilities at the airport and educated laboratory technicians, data entry clerks, and other port-health personnel to oversee the procedure.

The obligatory Covid test results turnaround time would be shortened from four hours to two hours and 15 minutes.


Entebbe International Airport features five PCR test machines with a capacity of testing 300 samples per hour, and the facility can test 3,600 passengers in 12 hours and 7,200 passengers in 24 hours.

The tests, on the other hand, will each cost $30, or around Shs107,000.

The Director General of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Fred Bamwesigye, spoke at the same event and praised the government for sponsoring the facility.

“I want to congratulate cabinet for taking up this very significant decision to have testing done on the airport grounds because of the inherent convenience value for our passengers and tourists to this country,” Bamwesigye added.

A notice to airmen explaining the contents of the necessary testing criteria to all airlines is to be processed and issued immediately, according to Uganda Civil Aviation spokesperson Vianney Luggya.


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