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Anglican Church begins preparations for Martyrs Day.

The Province of the Church of Uganda has conferred upon Greater Ankole Dioceses the pleasure of hosting and organizing this year’s Martyrs Day 2022, following a two-year Covid-19 gap in the annual Martyr’s Day commemoration event.

Ankole, West Ankole, North Ankole, South Ankole, and North West Ankole Dioceses make up Greater Ankole Dioceses.

“Hope beyond affliction” is the subject of the Martyrs Day ceremonies in 2022.

In a statement, Bishop Ankole Diocese/Cluster Leader of the Greater Ankole Dioceses Rt. Rev.Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa said that, just as Jeremiah received a revelation of hope following the demolition of the temple and the holy city Jerusalem, God is providing Ugandans hope following Covid-19.

“On Easter Sunday, the events of Christ’s agony, pain, mocking, and death will culminate in resurrection, the hope of all Christians.” Similarly, the Uganda Martyrs’ story is one of optimism in the face of adversity,” he remarked.

Mwesigwa highlighted some of the events, including a big thanksgiving service at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero Kampala on Friday, April 29, 2022.

“All Banyankole, regardless of religion, are asked to give thanks to God for Ankole Kaaro Karungi, as a region, as we gather money to support Martyrs Day festivities with a budget of over Shs 600 million,” he said.

He urged enterprises, businesses, institutions, and individuals to respond by providing financial support needed to meet important deadlines.

The day’s preacher, according to Mwesigwa, would be Emeritus Bishop Samson Mwaluda, a well-known international evangelist who is a member of the East African Revival Fellowship, also known as Revival Brethren.

“We expect roughly 200 pilgrims from the Ankole district, including older individuals aged seventy and up.” “Some of these people have been walking to Namugongo for more than four years,” he explained.


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