A media outlet gave an Arsenal player unfavorable comments for their performance in the international game last night, calling it “the worst.”

Over the years, Jorginho has excelled for both his club and his country.

Over the years, Jorginho has excelled for both his club and his country.

The Arsenal star was a seasoned footballer when he came at the Emirates Stadium in January.

Jorginho has played in more than 500 competitive club games and is close to earning 50 Italy caps.

Seven other awards, including the Champions League in 2021 and Euro 2020, have been won by the Arsenal midfielder.

With the Azzurri, Jorginho has experienced his fair share of highs and lows.

Italy missed the World Cup for the second time in nine months after winning the Euros.

The Arsenal star also experienced a setback on Thursday at the international level.

His Italian team was defeated 2-1 by England in Naples during the Euro 2024 qualifying round.

Since September 2006, Italy had played in 41 Euro qualifying matches without suffering a loss.

In addition, Jorginho had a difficult time in the game; Goal Italia called him one of their “worst” players that evening.

In their report, they claimed that Jorginho “found himself suffocated in the middle of the Phillips-Rice-Bellingham trio.”

“And he is powerless to forge opportunities or thwart them.

“It was also a bad evening for Toloi, who struggled against Kane and his teammates.”


Jorginho’s Italy battled to defeat England in the first half.

And, despite picking themselves up after the break, they didn’t have enough to claim a victory.

On Sunday, Italy will play Malta in their subsequent qualifying match, and England will compete against Ukraine.

Arsenal will welcome Leeds United at the Emirates Stadium on April 1 following the break for international play.

Jorginho will undoubtedly be crucial to the Gunners winning their first championship since the Invincibles of 2004 as they continue their unbeaten run in the Premier League.


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