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Among the threats is a crackdown on opposition MPs who boycott parliament.

Despite the Speaker’s warnings, the opposition remains unfazed, asserting that they formally communicated their absence to the Speaker.

Anita Annet Among, Speaker of Parliament, issued a harsh warning to boycotting opposition MPs, threatening to impose parliamentary rule of absence if their lengthy absence persists.

The Speaker’s vehement stance stems from the opposition’s refusal to attend parliamentary sessions, causing her to invoke Rule 112(6) to address the issue.

Speaking from the chair, Among emphasised the need for members to engage in parliamentary proceedings, stating, “Let’s be here and solve people’s problems. I will count the 15 sittings. Rule 112(6) prohibits a member from being absent from fifteen or more sittings without the Speaker’s permission during continuous parliamentary sessions,” Among stated.

Chief Opposition Whip John Baptist Nambeshe questioned the Speaker’s remarks, emphasizing continued contact between the opposition leader and the Speaker regarding the boycott.

In response to the situation, Shadow Attorney General Wilfred Nuwagaba reassured his colleagues, stating.

“Not under Rule 89, I would like to assure the opposition members to stay calm and fight for the interests of the people whose rights have been violated.”

The Speaker also announced that the government will present a comprehensive statement on human rights violations, addressing the opposition’s concerns, on November 21st.

The opposition, having missed over five sittings during their boycott, remains resolute in advocating for what they believe is right, with Nambeshe affirming that nothing will deter them.


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