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AIGP Kasingye advises police officers to be motivated by a desire to serve their country.

AIGP Asan Kasingye, the Police Chief Political Commissar, has advised officers to embrace teamwork while also being motivated by the duty to serve the public.

As part of his ideological orientation tour in the Rwenzori Region, Kasingye spoke at the opening of the Katwe-Kabatoro Police Division headquarters in Kasese on Thursday.

He emphasized professionalism and urged personnel to refrain from unethical behavior such as corruption and bribery.

“Do things at the lowest possible cost.” “Be efficient and service-oriented,” Kasingye advised.

He advised the officers to be ideologically anchored in order for the public to grasp the force’s mission, vision, and mandate.

Officers confront problems while on duty, according to Kasingye, but he asked senior officers to look out for the welfare of junior officers by offering them care and support.

He also urged them to help improve community policing services and adopt a people-centered approach to delivering police services in order to improve the police’s public image. This, he claims, can be accomplished if every police officer’s attitude toward the people changes.

“Every police officer’s ideological orientation must be to serve the wanainchi in a timely, ethical, and professional manner,” AIGP Kasingye said.

He stated that police officers must now concentrate their efforts on offenses that directly damage the ordinary man’s economic and social well-being.

Theft of animals and crops, as well as SMEs that have started using SACCO loans and the safeguarding of electricity lines, are among them, he said.

“These are the offenses that have a direct impact on their lives. Finally, this aids the government in its goal of pulling people out of poverty, which is a precondition for progress. As a result, the face and image of the police will be restored, which has been severely tarnished in the past,” stated AIGP Kasingye.


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