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After falling off a speeding vehicle hauling suspects, a police officer was hurt.

On Wednesday, a police officer was hurt after falling off a speeding van bringing suspects to Kampala's Central Police Station.

On Wednesday, a police officer was hurt after falling off a speeding van bringing suspects to Kampala’s Central Police Station.

Two National Unity Platform councilors, Moses Kataabu (Kampala Central) and Faridah Nakabugo, were arrested after storming the Old taxi park to protest its continuing closure.

The two were apprehended by police and thrown into a waiting van, but attempts to lock the vehicle’s back door proved unsuccessful because the bolt could not be tightened.

Sensing the danger of carrying suspects with the door open, a Police Constable named Kambugu stepped upon the vehicle’s door to prevent it from opening.

As the vehicle drove away, the door slid open, and the police officer fell out, hurting himself.

It took the help of fellow Field Force Unit officers to move him, and he was brought to the hospital.

The event was confirmed by Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, who added that the officer is presently receiving treatment at the police clinic.

“He was injured and is currently receiving treatment at our facility here at CPS in Kampala.” “He’s not in poor shape, but we’re investigating what happened,” Owoyesigyire said.

He stated that they will investigate if the cop was acting negligently or was pushed by the suspects in the van.

“We’ll look into it and figure out what happened.”

The two councilors who tried to force their way into the Old taxi park will be charged with instigating violence, according to a Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson.

“They are being held at CPS on suspicion of inciting violence.”

The KCCA postponed the reopening of the former taxi park, which has been closed for nearly two years for renovations, for the umpteenth time on Tuesday.


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