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AFCON 2023 (Q) – Liberia: Ansumana Keita warns South Africa

After drawing 2-2 in South Africa in the third day of the qualifiers, Liberia has a great opportunity to outrun the South Africans in the return match on Tuesday, March 28. And coach Ansumana Keita knows it. “We will play, whatever happens, we will play,” Keita told reporters. And to add. “South Africa is bigger than us in soccer everywhere, but we are better prepared than them right now. Mentally, physically, technically and tactically, we are prepared. I’m shameless and I’m telling the truth. At home, we are prepared.

Moreover, this match will be even more important as it will be the first for the Liberians, at home, for more than three years. Ansumana Keita is therefore counting on the popular momentum to defeat Bafana Bafana. “Believe me when I say before 8:00 am or 9:00 am, the stadium would already be full. Liberians will be there to support their team. And Bafana Bafana, here is a message to you, we will compete there. We will compete and we will play them. The kick-off is scheduled for 16:00 GMT. In this pool K, Morocco (1st, 6 pts) is already qualified. Lee Liberia is second with 1 point, tied with South Africa.

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