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Administrators and hospital employees will be trained as the government pushes to automate the healthcare industry.

Among its many uses, iHMIS allows users to track medication use, manage records, and ensure staff are present and working.

A team of 22 IT scientists will conduct fresh and refresher training on the Hospital Management System, an undertaking which will require every team member to deploy (iHMIS).
A team from IICS, the Integrated Intelligent Computer System, will give the training. This team has built the IHMIS.

Among its many uses, iHMIS allows users to track medication use, manage records, and ensure staff are present and working.

10 different regional hospitals (such as the China-Uganda Friendship Hospital in Naguru) are now using the system which was deployed after being developed at an Institute of Emerging infectious Diseases.

IICS software developer Rodney Ekisa explained on Saturday that the training was intended to provide the hospital managers and personnel additional expertise on the system.

Based on feedback from the field and from hospitals, we make a few modifications. This is a new and growing system, and we keep getting more feedback to make improvements to it. “We are going to train employees on how to do stocktaking and management better. They’ll be learning the ins and outs of patient management and processing their prescription orders, among other things,” Ekisa added. “Others are advancements to the system’s performance that we want personnel to use more.”

After training with administrators and staff, they will be dispatched to 10 regional hospitals. The hospitals will have achieved major improvements that will lead to their becoming paperless as a direct result.

The system was deployed by the Ministry of Health, which has approval from the government to assist public hospitals and health centers with improving efficiency and decreasing wasteful health spending.

As a result of the unmeasured, chaotic supply of medicine, wasted medication occurred frequently due of expiration.

Administrators and personnel will use the automated system to store records, patient prescriptions, and the totality of the hospital’s operations.

People and institutions who use paper records, such as hospitals and medical patients, would benefit from government assistance in saving money and time.


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