According to UNEB, candidates will not need their parents’ NIN to register for tests in 2022.

The Uganda National Examinations Board has disputed allegations that 2022 applicants will be required to produce their parents’ National Identification Number (NIN) in order to register for their final exams this year as incorrect.

Candidates for PLE, UCE, and UACE may be barred from registering for the 2022 finals exams if they fail to present their parents’ National Identification Numbers, according to reports in the media on Tuesday morning.

However, UNEB Executive Director Dan Odongo later stated that no one will be rejected for not obtaining NIN for their parents.

“The necessity for a parent’s national identity card in order to register a candidate does not apply to candidates in 2022.”

As a result, applicants, parents, guardians, and school administrators may rest assured that no one will be rejected from registering for the 2022 exams because of a national identity card,” Odongo added.

The standard registration process runs until May 31st, according to the UNEB Executive Director.

He explained that the information needed for the 2022 candidates is at the elementary school level, and includes their authentic bio data, particularly perfectly spelled names in the correct order, as well as their date of birth.

A copy of a legitimate birth certificate may be submitted to the school to aid proper data input and maintain uniformity, according to the UNEB head.

The candidate’s previous index number and year of sitting the preceding UNEB exams are required at S.4 and S.6, according to UNEB, and candidates are asked to give the result slips to the schools to facilitate correct data gathering.

“Learners who took tests that were not offered by UNEB should present their results to UNEB to assess their equivalency before registering for UNEB exams,” Odongo added.


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