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According to Rwampara RDC, Emyooga is assisting in changing people’s attitudes on saving.

Emyooga is based on the concept of members saving in a sacco and then borrowing from the sacco at a reduced interest rate and with more flexible terms.

Emmy Kateera Turyabagyenyi, the Rwampara Resident District Commissioner, stated that the Emyooga program has helped instill a culture of saving among the population, which was not the case previously.

Kateera, who spoke at the Nyihanga town council in Rwampara County during the Emyooga monitoring event, said it hasn’t been easy convincing people to save.

” The issue of saving culture has been problematic, but they are gradually learning the importance of saving. “Emyooga has played a critical role in ensuring that people understand the importance of saving,” Kateera remarked.

Emyooga is based on the concept of members saving in a sacco and then borrowing from the sacco at a reduced interest rate and with more flexible terms.

Rwampara is only two years old, having curved out of Mbarara in 2019. Emyooga recipients, according to Kateera, have punched above their weight.

“Rwampara is a difficult place to reach, but when you look at how we’ve done so far, we’re not the worst, and we’re going to do better,” Kateera added.

At the same event, State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo presented the Rwampara young sacco with an additional shs5 million to help them expand their operations.

“I was invited previously and didn’t show up for the function, but now I’m here,” he remarked, eliciting laughter. ” Shs5 million has been set aside for you. You have the ability to increase your savings.”

Women entrepreneurs, market vendors, produce dealers, bar operators, and local leaders were among those who received Shs 2 million apiece from Kasolo, who was supervising Emyooga in Rwampara.

” You’ve been looking for a place to rent. “You may now go ahead and begin,” Kasolo remarked.

Rwampara hasn’t saved well under the Emyooga program, according to official numbers, but Kasolo said he won’t pass judgment just yet.

” You are my people,” says the narrator. “Your leaders are my friends, and we need to improve,” Kasolo remarked, “but I’m giving you more time.”

Molly Asiimwe, the Rwampara district women MP, stated that despite having a large market that spans Congo, Tanzania, and South Sudan, they have poor feeder roads.

Julius Tusiime Karuhanga, Rwampara East MP, requested that the government equip the district Commercial Officer with a motorcycle so that he can supervise the program, citing the difficult terrain in the area.

Kasolo agreed to the requirement when he joined the stand.

” I’m handing the motorcycle over to the commercial officer. I’m setting a goal for the commercial officer to mobilize you to save money. If he succeeds in capturing the target, he will keep it forever.

” I’m going to get him Shs 5 million.” He obtains the motorcycle in such a way that he is unable to make excuses.”

Kasolo also granted Shs 2 million to Rwampara East Produce Sacco, which has the highest savings rate among all the saccos in the constituency.

“You have only saved Shs 17 million, which isn’t much, but since your leaders are my friends, I’ll add Shs 2 million to your savings,” Kasolo explained.


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