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According to Deputy IGP Katsigazi, police will rebuild housing units that were destroyed in the Katwe barracks fire.

Maj Gen Katsigazi Tumusiime, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, has toured the housing units at the Katwe division police barracks in Kampala that were recently devastated by fire.

Last Monday, a fire raced through a section of the Katwe Police barracks at around 4pm, destroying at least ten housing units beyond repair.

However, no police officers were killed or injured in the fire that damaged some of the officers’ property.

On Monday, the deputy Inspector General of Police toured the barracks to examine the damage of the fire and assured the officers and their families that they would be helped.

“At least 15 of our police officers’ families and personnel were housed in these housing units. It was a tragic tragedy, but as management, we are working to provide them with immediate assistance to help them get back on their feet in their daily lives, but most importantly, our police construction section is working to ensure that new structures are built for individuals affected by the fire,”

He estimates that it will take a week to two weeks to find suitable lodging for the police.

During the visit, the commanders also told Maj Gen Katsigazi of the issues they experience in carrying out their duties, promising to submit them to higher management for resolution.

Katwe Police Station acts as the regional and divisional headquarters for the Kampala South Metropolitan Police Force.

Katwe, as the regional police headquarters, is in responsible of the police stations in Entebbe, Kabalagala, Kajjansi, Nsangi, and Nateete.

However, the barracks at most of these police stations are in poor condition, with many policemen sleeping in improvised buildings.

Starting with Naguru, the police force’s leadership has lately begun the process of developing housing units for its officers.


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