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According to Arua’s Atima, I am the best qualified to carry on Oulanyah’s heritage as speaker.

Jackson Atima Lee Buti, the Arua Central Division MP, has stated that he is the best candidate to succeed Jacob Oulanyah as speaker of the 11th parliament.

On Sunday, Oulanyah died in the United States, where he had been transported for treatment.

The ruling NRM electoral commission began accepting expressions of interest for part-time MPs prepared to replace Oulanyah on Tuesday.

Arua MP Atima, speaking after being permitted to run for speaker, said his considerable experience qualifies him as the greatest choice to lead the August House.

“I have extensive professional experience spanning primary school, high school, and university.” “I lectured at Uganda Christian University’s Arua campus for three years after graduation,” Atima added.

After entering parliament, the Arua Central Division MP claimed he was particularly interested in watching how the late speaker Jacob Oulanyah ran things.

“When Oulanyah was guiding parliament, I was quite interested in how parliamentary business was conducted.” I believe I have the ability to steer the legislature in a pro-people direction. Parliament requires a research-based debate, which I will lead. With that background, I believe I am qualified to carry out his (Oulanyah’s) vision and ambitions for our country. Since I was a child, I can easily fill his shoes.


Four MPs have expressed interest in taking over as speaker of the 11th parliament from Oulanyah.

Current deputy speaker Anita Among, Sarah Opendi, and deputy Attorney General Jackson Kafuuzi are among those who have expressed interest.

Dr. Tanga Odoi, the chairperson of the NRM electoral commission, said on Monday that after expressing interest, the names will be forwarded to the party’s top organ for consideration.

“The NRM electoral commission will send the names of interested candidates to the NRM Central Executive Committee, which will then nominate names for election to the NRM parliamentary caucus.”

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, the NRM parliamentary caucus will elect its flagbearer in the impending speaker race, ahead of parliament’s general election on Friday.

All of this is being done to expedite the process so that when the deceased speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, is returned home, the position of speaker is filled and legislative sessions can resume.


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