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A supporter of the NUP leaps from the dock at the military court and sings “Tuliyambala Engule.”

Yesterday, the General Court Martial was thrown into chaos when Muhydin Kakooza, a jailed supporter of the National Unity Platform (NUP), stormed out of the dock and attacked soldiers.

This occurred during a bail hearing for ten NUP supporters who are charged with illegally possessing firearms.

Kakooza, who was already serving an eight-month term for contempt of court for his anarchic behavior earlier this year, leaped out of the dock and began singing “Tuliyambala Engule,” one of Robert Kyagulanyi’s songs.

The turmoil in Kakooza erupted after a team of lawyers led by Fred Musisi warned the nine-member court chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti that they were not ready to start since witness testimony had only been served on April 26th, 2022.

Ssegujja Rashid, Ssekitoleko Yasin, Rugumayo Robert, Mayiga Ronald, Kijambo Simon, Kijambo Ronald, Olivia Lutaaya, Abud Matovu, Kiwanuka Mesach, Wandera Ibrahim, and Katushabe Kigozi Livingstone are the ten National Unit Platform supporters who have sought for bail.

They each brought two sureties, requesting that the court give them bail since it is their constitutional right and that they will follow the court’s instructions.

“We were unable to ask for bail for all 32 accused persons prosecution due to time constraints, but we expect that when we come to court next time, even the remaining 22 will petition for bail,” Musisi, the defense lawyer, said.

The main suit will be heard on May 9, 2022, according to Gutti.

The NUP followers are accused of unlawfully possessing firearms in Jinja, Wakiso, Mityana, and Kampala, among other places, according to the prosecution.


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