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A road-building company has threatened to sue Minister Ecweru for making “reckless” remarks.

He requested that the Anti-Corruption Unit of the State House interfere in the road construction project.

Omega Construction Limited, a road construction business, has threatened to sue the government and Musa Ecweru, the Minister of State for Works, after remarks made by the latter while reviewing a road project.

Ecweru said Omega Construction business was using old equipment that could not properly perform when assessing the works for Ssezibwa swamp crossing between Kayunga and Nakasongola districts on Friday, adding that the company had failed to execute the project.

“Because the excavator, cars, water bowser, and other equipment on site aren’t working, Omega is unable to complete any work. Omega has not completed the contracted work, and whatever the corporation is doing on the project is absurd and an insult to the government, according to Ecweru.

He requested that the Anti-Corruption Unit of the State House interfere in the road construction project.

However, Omega Construction Limited’s Managing Director, Pius Mugalaasi Mugerwa, issued a statement on Monday blasting the minister for remarks he described as “not only dangerous, but also nasty and unfair.”

“The false statements made against Omega Construction Limited are not only meant to defame an indigenous contractor in order to benefit foreign construction businesses, but they are also illegal,” Mugerwa said.

During the contracting process, he noted that, contrary to the minister’s allegations, the equipment utilized by the company on the project was inspected and authorized as fit for the project and any other government project.

The building company also stated that 80 percent of the work for the Ssezibwa marsh has been completed after being examined and supervised by the government.

“The minister’s rash comments, made without proper respect for contractual concerns and Omega’s and the government’s contractual standing under the contract, constitute to misuse or abuse of power and misfeasance in a public office,” the company’s Managing Director said.

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According to the construction company, the minister made statements that were intended to interfere with the performance of their contract with the government on the project, and they are not taking the matter lightly.

“The false assertions have insulted Omega and caused mental pain to its directors and officers, who believe they are being ostracized by right-thinking members of the public, present and potential clients, resulting in financial losses.”

“Omega Construction Limited has referred the matter to its lawyers, who will assert and pursue the company’s corporate rights and remedies against the minister individually and the government vicariously, in order to recover compensation and obtain other remedies, including heavy damages under the law.”


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