A man was charged with aggravated torture after being seen on film kicking his wife like a ball.

a single Julius Matovu, a 32-year-old businessman, has been charged with severe torture and domestic abuse after being seen on film kicking his wife like a football.

He was remanded after appearing before the Chief Magistrates Court in Nabweru.

Matovu pulled his wife around the room, repeatedly hitting her head against the wall, then stomping and kicking her.

Esther Nasaka, 22, had been living with the suspect for six years before fleeing Matovu on February 20, 2022, due to his abusive and aggressive personality.

She began living with her mother in Wakiso district’s Kikubbamba zone.

Matovu summoned her a few weeks ago to Erisa zone in Kyebando, where they used to live, to pick up her clothes and other possessions.

Matovu instead attacked and brutally assaulted her when she arrived. Many people have been outraged by the footage, prompting one social media user to admit that she destroyed her phone when she viewed it.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga stated in a statement that the video plainly demonstrates a frequent behavior among domestic abusers, particularly spouses, male companions, and boyfriends.

He believes the episode demonstrates how some individuals have lost their sense of humanity, concern, and respect for others in society.

“As cops, we’re concerned that numerous cases of domestic violence go unreported because of the stigma and pressure women endure from family and other members of the public to keep the family together and reconcile with their abusers,” Enanga said.

He said that some victims may not be ready to leave an abuser with whom they have children or who they rely on for financial assistance, while others may be afraid of the legal ramifications of filing or pursuing their accusations further.

He told domestic abuse victims that there is life after separation and that there is evidence that violence in domestic settings may be healed, even if it is beyond repair.

“If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, tell someone; there are individuals who want to assist you get out of it,” he stated.


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