A jealous man murders a wealthy farmer.

A man was detained in Kibaale after a peasant farmer who had acquired a fortune through farming was hacked to death.

Alex Asiimwe, a 38-year-old technician from Muraza village in the Karama sub-county of the Kibaale district, was detained.

According to preliminary findings, Asiimwe killed Tanasi Tibalyewa, 56, a Muraza village resident, on April 16 at around 11 a.m.

According to the information acquired, the victim took his motorcycle to Kitutu Trading Centre for repair on the day of the event. After the repair, Abigaba Maureen, a 19-year-old businesswoman, contacted him and asked for tomatoes from his garden. He loaded her onto his motorcycle and drove her back to his house.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the two were attacked by Asiimwe on their way to Tibalyewa’s house, and Asiimwe ended up slicing the victim to death.

“Unfortunately, they ran upon Alex Asiimwe, who was armed with a panga and a stick, on their route to Muraza village. He attacked them and attempted but failed to cut the victim. They, on the other hand, fell off the motorcycle, and the suspect immediately after the victim and slashed him in the head twice with the panga, killing him instantaneously,” Enanga added.

According to Enanga, the female victim, Abigaba Maureen, sounded an alarm, which drew the attention of nearby people, who conducted a search and caught the culprit, whom they turned over to police.

According to reports, the suspect had been jealous of Tibalyewa’s farming fortune for some time and had attempted to murder the victim on multiple occasions.

Enanga criticized Asiimwe’s cruelty and stated that the culprit will face murder and attempted murder charges.

“As a result, the conduct was premeditated and driven by jealousy.” “Murder and attempted murder charges have been filed against the suspect.”


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