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A Bomb Explosion in Kyanja Kampala.

A bomb explosion struck the Digida pork shop in Komamboga, Kampala, killing two individuals on the scene

A bomb explosion struck the Digida pork shop in Komamboga, Kampala, killing two individuals on the scene.

A blast at a pork shop in Kawempe has injured dozens of people, with at least three individuals believed to be deceased.According to a police report, a significant blast occurred at Digida Pork restaurant in Kampala’s Kawempe Division on Saturday about 9:00 p.m.

One person was killed in the bomb, according to police, while seven others are being treated for serious injuries at Mulago National Referral Hospital.

However, three people have died thus far, according to eyewitnesses, from what is suspected to be a bomb detonation, including a child only identified as Emily who died on the spot.

“The scene has been cordoned off, and our combined task teams from the bomb squad have been dispatched to thoroughly document the scene in order to identify whether the explosion was caused by a deliberate act or not,” says part of a statement from police.

“We beg the public to remain calm while we investigate the incident’s exact circumstances.” Any new information will be shared as soon as it becomes available,” the message says.

The event occurred just days after the United Kingdom issued a terror notice to its Ugandan citizens.

The United Kingdom has urged its residents to be cautious as they go about their daily lives and to avoid crowded areas in case they become victims of planned bombings.

The Uganda Police Force, on the other hand, urged residents to keep calm because the alerts were not expected to last long.

“We appreciate and take notice of the advisories to their respective citizens as Joint Security Agencies.” To help evaluate whether these threats are immediate or not, our Joint Counter Terrorism teams have put the alerts to a process of validation for specificity. “These particulars are currently unavailable.” a portion of a police statement

In this regard, they continue to assess our security posture around the country, which has remained unchanged. Our threat levels and counter-terror responses are continually being assessed, so the public may rest confident. As a result, they should maintain a calm but attentive demeanor. We would like to advise that people should notify the nearest security agency if they notice any suspicious activity or anything of public concern.

Again, if we believe it is essential to increase our threat level during this time, we will do so. The security and safety of all Ugandans and visitors to the country is a key priority for our task teams. Since the twin attack in Kampala in 2010, we have prevented countless conspiracies, both foreign and domestic, and we will continue to fiercely guard our country from all threats.

Emily, a young woman who has not been named, died on the spot. Another casualty, a guy, died while being carried to the hospital, and the incident is said to have harmed a large number of others.
Digida Pork Joint is located on Waliggo Road in Komamboga, a town in Kawempe Division, just north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital.
According to accounts, the alleged bomb attack was a bomb blast that claimed the lives of numerous persons and injured several more.
By 10:20 p.m., police had cordoned off the area, preventing motorists from entering Waliggo Road as they investigated.
The explosion occurred just weeks after the UK government issued security teams with warnings about a possible terror strike in the country.
This story is developing and will be updated on a regular basis.


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