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6 purposes of God’s living word

Have you ever considered the Bible to be more than just a book of plain black and white letters?

6 purposes of God’s living word

Have you ever considered the Bible to be more than just a book of plain black and white letters?

Heb. 4:12 states:

“The written word of God is alive and active.”

The Bible is the live word of God. Furthermore, because His word is alive, it is active and performs a variety of tasks for both God and mankind. In this article, we’ll examine some verses and notes from the New Testament Recovery Version to identify six of the living Word of God’s essential purposes.

1. It speaks about Christ—John 5:39
You look for the Scriptures because you believe they contain the keys to eternal life; instead, it is they who bear witness to Me.

The Bible’s testimony of Jesus Christ serves as its primary purpose. We can believe that the Bible primarily reveals a variety of broad deeds or facts about God, or that it instructs us on how to live. But in this instance, the Lord Jesus claimed that the Scriptures bear witness to Him. The beautiful person of Christ is revealed in the Scriptures in a wide variety of ways.

However, if we “study the Scriptures” in quest of something other than Christ, we may miss Him. The New Testament Recovery Version’s searchable Note 1 explains:

It is possible to distinguish “study the Scriptures” from “come to Me” (v. 40). The Jewish religious zealots looked over the Scriptures, yet they were unwilling to approach the Lord. These two should be combined; they shouldn’t be kept apart from the Lord because the Scriptures attest to him. The Bible may be our point of contact, but not the Lord. Life can only be given by the Lord.

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Jesus replied, “Yet you are not willing to come to Me so you may have life,” in John 5:40, which is cited in the note. The devout individuals He was speaking to looked up passages in the Bible that God had inspired, but they failed to notice the Lord standing in front of them. They didn’t want to go to Him.

Therefore, since the Scriptures bear witness to the Lord, we should never separate the Word of God from Him.

What this means for us is that whenever we read the Bible, we should have Christ in mind because the Scriptures bear witness to Him.

We shouldn’t divide the Lord from God’s Word in our hearts. We can say the following prayer before reading: “Lord Jesus, I don’t want to miss You in Your Word. I approach You at this time. Please help me to recognize more of You on every page.

2. It enlightens us for our own good—2 Timothy 3:15
And that you have been familiar with sacred texts since you were a baby, which are able to make you wise for salvation through the faith in Christ Jesus.

How could anyone know God’s means of salvation if they didn’t have access to the Bible? The path to salvation is not in line with our notions or thoughts. According to the Bible, salvation is a result of trusting in Jesus. As a result, the Bible makes us wise for salvation.

What it implies for us: Timothy was a young Christian who was well-versed in the Bible from an early age. Timothy is a fantastic example for us to follow in this regard.

Whether we are brand-new Christians or seasoned saints, regularly reading the Bible develops our wisdom. It assists us in understanding how to be saved by initially placing our faith in Jesus, and it keeps enlightening us as we proceed along the path of God’s total salvation in our lives as Christians.

3. It results in individuals being renewed—1 Peter 1:23
“Having been renewed through the live and enduring word of God, not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible.”

God’s word is the unblemished source of life. This verse’s Note 2 states:

A seed is a reservoir for life. The incorruptible seed of God, the word of God, contains the life of God. It is hence alive and enduring. Our lives were renewed by this word. The life of God is communicated to our spirit for regeneration through God’s live and enduring word of life.

The living word of God works in people when we preach the gospel and they hear the Bible. Their spirit receives the vitality of God so that they can be regenerate, or born again. The result of someone being saved is that.

What this implies for us: If we have previously experienced regeneration, it is crucial to understand that God’s living word can likewise bring about regeneration in others.

We can read the Bible with our unbeliever friends if they are willing—not to instruct them but to allow the living, eternal message of God to enter their spirit. We can intercede on their behalf and urge the Lord to make them God’s adopted children through regeneration.

4. It is the spiritual milk of the believers—1 Peter 2:2–3.
If you have already tasted how good the Lord is, cling to the guileless milk of the word so that you can grow up into salvation by means of it.

Babies don’t need to learn anything right away; they just need to be fed. To survive and develop, they require milk.

Similar to this, we need to develop after being renewed by the life of God. This verse’s Note 4 explains:

A subject of life and in life is to grow. Through regeneration, we were given the divine life, and in order to grow in this life and with this life, we must be fed with the milk found in God’s word.

Being fed allows life to flourish. We develop in the life of God when we ingest spiritual food from God’s Word.

Our first need is to approach the Lord every day through His Word, for this reason. To receive the spiritual milk is necessary. We will then advance in God’s salvation, just like a baby grows by feeding.

What this means for us is that throughout our Christian lives, we should thirst for the milk of God’s Word, just as a nursing infant yearns for its mother’s milk. While it is important for us to study the Bible, we must also regularly spend time in it if we want to grow spiritually. We shall develop in a normal, healthy way as a result of this.

5. It is the source of life for believers—Matthew 4:4.
“Man shall not live by food alone, but by every word that issueth out of the mouth of God,” it is written.

The Bible serves as both our spiritual bread of life and spiritual milk for us.

We shouldn’t just rely on physical food to sustain ourselves. As Christians, we must consume the Bible as our spiritual diet.

And we will never graduate from treating God’s Word like food on a daily basis. Even the Lord Jesus used the Bible as His daily meal while He was a man on earth.

Therefore, we must learn to approach God’s Word like a feast. The verse in Jeremiah 15:16, “Your words were found and I ate them, and Your words became to me the delight and joy of my heart,” might become our reality.

This means that in order for us to be healthy, normal Christians, regardless of how long we have been saved, we need to “consume” God’s Word every day as our spiritual sustenance. Receiving the Word of God as food will nourish us and be our satisfaction, even bringing us gladness and joy, just as eating actual food is enjoyable.

It completes the believer—2 Timothy 3:16–17
All of Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for preaching, for reproof, for instruction in righteousness, and for teaching and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be perfect and thoroughly furnished for every good deed.

The Bible completes Christians, preparing us for every good deed. This is accomplished via instructing, convicting, correcting, and teaching us.

We cannot rectify ourselves by mentally evaluating our actions in light of an external norm. We receive it when our spirit makes spiritual contact with the God-breathed Scripture. The adjustment in this verse is explained in Note 4:

“Putting things right when they are incorrect, guiding someone in the proper direction, and making someone upright”

How many times do we need to be corrected and led back to the Lord and His way, even in the course of a single day? Thank the Lord, when we stray from the path, the living Word of God corrects us on its own.

What this means for us is that in order to complete and equip us, we need the Word of God to instruct, convict, correct, and teach us. We can pray, “Lord, I want Your Word to be profitable to me today,” as we approach God’s Word. Make the necessary corrections in me. Make me more whole than I was yesterday, please.”

God’s living Word is absolutely amazing! It is essential that we spend time there each day. We strongly advise you to order a free study New Testament, which will help you understand God’s Word even better.


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