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24 People Arrested in Uganda and the DRC for “Funding ADF Terrorist Activities”

In the DRC and Uganda, the Directorate of Crime Intelligence has detained 24 people who are a part of a criminal organization that finances ADF terrorist actions.

In the DRC and Uganda, the Directorate of Crime Intelligence has detained 24 people who are a part of a criminal organization that finances ADF terrorist actions.

Those detained include Kyeyune Isma, also known as Ismail, Beckam, Buguman, Musilamu, and Mohammad, a 30-year-old boda-boda driver from the Wakiso District communities of Bulaga, Nakabugo, and Kinamundu.

According to CP Enanga Fred, the police spokesperson, Kyeyune was enlisted in the ADF in 2021 by Adam Matovu, also known as Manhajji or Musa Muko, a native of Kalerwe.

Musa Mubiru alias Musilamu alias Professor alias Sheikh alias Nathan, Kiiza Patrick alias Pato, Kinene Hamis alias Mis, and Wadimba Jackson alias Sejusa were also detained by the task force.

Enanga claimed that the accused, along with others, pledged allegiance to the ADF and confessed to planning violent robberies with others.

Enanga stated that the money was used to pay for ADF activities, including the hiring of potential terrorists, as well as the welfare expenses for the families of ADF combatants.

Together with Ajode, Musa Kabanda alias Musomesa, and Mwebe, who were recently taken into custody from the ADF hub in Luwero, the two suspects received their combat and martial arts training from Kawempe-Ttula.

Two notorious gang leaders were fatally injured during the disruptive operations, one while eluding capture and the other during a foiled heist.

Tomusange Farouk alias Otto alias Juma Otti alias Ssebaduka Ramadhan alias Abdulaziz Nsubuga was one of them.

On May 25, 2020, Mohammad Ahmed, a Somali businessman, was robbed at gunpoint by his gang of Ugx 300 million at the Equatorial Hotel.

On July 17, 2021, they robbed Her Worship Gladys Kamasanyu at Green Hill Academy. They also stole money from Chinese businessman Lee Yin Tang along Nkurumah Road, Indian businessman Juwan Lal along Mawanda Road, and Indian businessman Kushamohan Konnakutty at the Jinja Road Traffic Junction.

Tomusange, however, was fatally shot on June 5, 2022, in the Makindye region’s Kyeyagalire zone, during a bloody counterattack.

On June 2, 2022, Mugalu Ibra alias Nakwero, the second gang boss, was shot dead during a foiled heist at Old Kampala in Mengo.

The ex-convict was involved in robbing Gitawu Abdallah, a Kenyan businessman, along Apollo Kaggwa Road, of Ugx 150 million and two mobile phones. He also robbing KE QIU FANG MA LEE, a Chinese businessman, of USD 4500 and Ugx 20 million. He also robbing three different South Sudanese businesspeople at Kawaala (USD 80.000); Bakuli Mengo (USD (USD 10.000).

According to Enanga, the criminal gang network effectively surveilled foreign businesspeople carrying cash and assaulted them at strategic escape routes.

To cover up their nefarious actions, they also used a variety of covert communication techniques.

Motorcycles, cell phones, and documents were among the found items.

“We would like to let the public know that we are still conducting counterterrorism operations. We also want to express our gratitude to our hardworking CI teams for their efforts in halting the flow of terrorist funds, both from domestic and international sources, which has been crucial in reducing ADF terrorist activities in Uganda since May 2021, when our disruptive operations started.


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