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16 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

The key to a healthy and lasting marriage is to maintain joy and happiness in your relationship. No matter what challenges are thrown into your lives as husband and wife, you have to keep the flame of joy and laughter in your marriage.

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The key to a healthy and lasting marriage is to maintain joy and happiness in your relationship. No matter what challenges are thrown into your lives as husband and wife, you have to keep the flame of joy and laughter in your marriage.

It’s okay to experience sadness and crying times – marital problems are not unusual anyway. However, make sure that at the end of the day, you and your wife still sleep together wearing a beautiful smile.

If you truly love your wife, you will not do anything that can hurt her and make her cry. Instead, you will do your best to cheer her up every single day.

16 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

Here are 16 ways to make your dearest wife happy:

1. Make Yourself A Happy Person.

The first step to making your wife happy is to produce happiness within yourself. You cannot make your wife happy if you cannot even make yourself happy. Thus, learn how to be a jolly person. Be a more positive and proactive person. Overcome the things of the past that make you a sad person, like your past mistakes. Infect your wife with happiness and positivity, not with sadness and negativity.

2. Prepare Her Breakfast.

Preparing someone’s breakfast requires sacrifice to wake up early in the cold morning. If you rise early and prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast for your wife, she will surely feel blessed and happy. If you don’t know how to cook, then start learning how. The Internet is full of recipes and video tutorials.

3. Give Her A Happy Environment.

Always be mindful of your wife’s environment. Is it getting boring or gloomy? Why not play cool and happy songs to brighten up her day? Is your house or room messy and dirty? Why not clean it up and make it cozy? Do the people around her make her sad and stressed? Why not bring her to a beach or any place that will help her relax and chill out?

4. Tell Her How Beautiful She Is.

We will not marry our own wife if we were not struck by their charm and beauty. Always remind your wife how beautiful she is. Always remind her how perfect that part of her body attracts you most. And of course, do not look at other women like a hungry wolf. Keep your eyes only on your lovely wife.

5. Don’t Lie To Her.

Fulfill your words and promises. Give her what you have promised, whether it’s a simple gift, the time that the two of you agreed to meet in a certain place, or the promise you’ve made to change yourself for the better. Never break your wife’s trust in you.

6. Be Loyal To Her.

Your wife will be truly happy if she will be confident that she is your only one. Hence never ever cheat or even attempt to do it. Don’t give the devil an opportunity to tempt you and destroy your marriage. Give your wife your obvious loyalty so she will never be insecure or jealous of any other woman.

7. Trust Her.

It’s not fun to be accused of cheating, being a bad woman, being an irresponsible person, a liar, or any other false allegations, especially if there is no evidence. If you do this to your wife, it will frustrate her and even torture her mind.

If you really want to make your wife happy, show her that you trust her. Make her feel that she is trusted. The truth will actually come out. As long as you have no proof that she is lying or she cannot be trusted, don’t stop trusting and loving her. Remember that you will not gain from worrying and having false doubts.

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8. Give Her All Your Money.

Surrendering all your hard-earned income and money makes your wife happy for many reasons. One reason is that it shows that you trust her. Another reason is that it gives her the assurance that you are only spending your money on her and your children, not on other women and other things beyond her knowledge.

 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

9. Teach yourself to love and care for yourself.

It is not only your wife’s responsibility to look after your children, but it is also her responsibility to look after you. She always wishes and prays for her husband’s health and well-being. Consider whether you’re the type of spouse that is always consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, and consuming unhealthy meals. Your wife will undoubtedly be disappointed.

Start loving and caring for yourself to make her happy. Stop engaging in vices that are weakening your body and spirit. When traveling, always be cautious. Avoid being an irritable person who enjoys brawling with strangers. Stop causing concern in your wife’s eyes! Give her a sense of security.

10. Pardon Her.

Don’t be a jerk to your wife. If she has made a mistake, forgive her, especially if she is truly seeking your pardon. If it’s only a few little gaffes or annoyances, forgive her even before she apologizes. Remember that if you don’t have any anger or resentment in your heart, you won’t start a quarrel to ruin your relationship’s positive feelings.

11. Be Humble And Acknowledge Your Mistakes.

Don’t hold your wife responsible for your faults. And don’t do something stupid to make her feel bad so you can blame her. Admitting your own errors is a sign of a true guy. Be modest and honest in your apology. Your wife will enjoy happiness if you demonstrate humility.

12. Make her feel important and valued.

Being a responsible wife, let alone a responsible mother and light of your house, is not easy. Maybe your wife doesn’t have a paying work and prefers to stay at home full-time. But keep in mind that being a housewife is a wonderful profession, and caring for your home, your children, and yourself is a lot of effort.

Make your wife realize how vital she is to you and how much your life depends on her. Thank her for everything she does for you and your kids. Give her unexpected presents and thank-you notes to brighten her day after a long day.

13. Be respectful of her.

Don’t give her the impression that she’s losing herself. Respect her individuality as a woman and as a person. If badminton is her love, don’t push her to play billiards and don’t stop her from playing it. If she prefers romantic flicks over fantasy films, don’t make her watch Avengers and deny her the opportunity to watch The Notebook. Finally, don’t force her to have sex if she’s weary or doesn’t want to do it right now.

14. Take responsibility for your actions.

Respect your wife. Consider being a drunk or a slacker husband. Consider what it would be like if you were a cheater. Consider what it would be like if you were an irresponsible parent to your children. What will your wife say to her family and friends? Do not humiliate your wife; instead, make her feel fortunate to have you as her husband and parent.

Provide for your wife’s requirements, such as money, care, love, affection, trust, and understanding, as a responsible husband. Be a responsible parent to your children by serving as a role model and working more to ensure that they have a brighter future.

15. Cherish your in-laws.

If you have disagreements with her parents and siblings, your wife will be unhappy. As a result, do your hardest to win not just your wife’s heart, but also the hearts of her family. Even if you and your wife already live in a different house from her parents, don’t forget to pay them a visit on a regular basis to maintain a positive connection. Make them feel as if their family is expanding rather than contracting and disappearing.

16. Love Her Through Good Times And Bad.

Last but not least, maintain your promise to her for the rest of your life. Always be there for her in good times and bad, in illness and health, in sorrows and joys. Don’t abandon her for another lady simply because she doesn’t satisfy you in bed. Don’t call it a day simply because you and your family are already broke.

Whatever the issue, you and your wife should always work well together to overcome any obstacles. Make your wife really happy by finding pleasure in exercising patience in the face of any marital difficulties.

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Final Thoughts

Love your wife as you love yourself. If you will learn to love yourself by nurturing it with good virtues, such as patience, truthfulness, kindness, compassion, understanding, faithfulness, and self-control, you will not find it hard to also love your wife. This is because you will do to your wife what you will want to do to yourself. You will want your wife to experience the joy of loving and being loved. You will want to avoid hurting your wife as you hurt yourself. And this is how the two of you will cherish your marriage together… for life and even forever.


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