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15 Telltale Signs She’s Crazy About You

What's even more tragic is that some guys may wind up losing the love of their lives because they can't read between the lines.

It’s been said that nonverbal communication accounts for more than 80% of what you say. This is undoubtedly one of the most significant issues for males who are hoping for a clear yes or no. What’s even more tragic is that some guys may wind up losing the love of their lives because they can’t read between the lines.

Fortunately, understanding the subtle or not-so-subtle cues she’s dropping isn’t difficult. She’s clearly experiencing something, as evidenced by the way she plays with her hair or taps her foot. Look for these 15 signals that she’s certainly interested, unless she’s playing hard to get.

1. Her pupils are dilated

This may not be a clear indication that she’s totally into you, but when her pupils dilate upon seeing you then at least she’s happy you’re around. Now, it’d be totally weird to ask to see her pupils every time you meet. That’s why you need to be subtle; practice makes perfect.

2. She finds a reason to inch closer to you

Closeness is an obvious clue that she at least appreciates your presence. If she’s coming up with seemingly random reasons to get closer to you – e.g. showing you funny memes or hilarious chats on her phone – then there’s a huge chance that she’s interested.

3. Her legs are apart

You can gauge her interest level by the way positions her legs while sitting. If her legs are crossed, it could mean that she’s not completely comfortable and willing to open up to you. If she’s relaxed and has her legs slightly apart, she’s definitely into you. Don’t try and sneak a peek under the table at her legs since that’ll raise awkward questions.

4. Her body doesn’t shy away from you

Crossed arms or standing at an angle might mean that she’s really not interested. On the flip side, if her posture is more open and inviting, there’s a big chance that there’s some physical attraction. However, don’t jump the gun and automatically assume attraction if she’s constantly adjusting her posture.

5. She has excellent posture

We all know the risks of slouching and bad posture. When it comes to women you’re seeing, if she’s keeping a straight back and neck, she’s literally exposing her most vulnerable parts to you out of trust and attraction. However, some argue that perfect posture could be an indication that she’s high-maintenance and requires further persuading.

6. She mimics your movements

This works for both men and women. If the person you’re seeing is copying your every movement (not in a creepy or joking way), then he or she definitely likes you. This is instinctual in all people who idolize or are romantically interested in others.

7. She’s hiding her thumb

Where you place your hands invites another person’s eyes to focus on that area. However, if she’s hiding her thumb in her pants pockets or inside of her hand, then she’s non-verbally communicating to you that she wants you to pay attention to other parts of her body.

8. She’s rocking her shoe on her toes

Usually, moving our legs and feet in a repetitive motion is a bad sign. For instance, if you’re tapping your toe, you’re letting the other person know that you’re impatient and looking for an exit. However, if you’re engaged in conversation with a woman and she’s dangling her high heel on the tips of her toes, she’s more than likely letting you know that she’s genuinely interested in you.

9. She’s touching her lips

One thing that you might notice in movies is that a woman who’s infatuated with a man will unconsciously graze her lips with her fingers. This is one thing that movies depict correctly. If a woman is engaged in a conversation with you and lightly touches her lips with her fingers every so often, she’s letting you know that you got a chance.

10. She needs to check her hair and clothes

Any man who goes on a date with a woman is in fear when she excuses herself to the restroom. This could either mean she’s ditching you at the restaurant or she’s making sure she looks good. If it’s the latter, then have no fear; she cares about how you view her and wants to make a great impression.

11. She checks her reflection constantly

Some people say that women are attracted to shiny things when in truth they’re actually checking their reflection. This isn’t about being self-absorbed but rather she’s making sure that she still looks good. When going for a stroll, if she needs to see her reflection in store or car windows, then she wants to look good for you.

12. She is easily jealous

If you start talking about a girl from your past, even if she’s just a buddy of yours, and your date suddenly becomes jealous and inquisitive, you can rest assured that she wants you. Her jealousy is a form of claiming or protecting you from other women who see you as an option. Just don’t make comments on how “irrational” her jealousy if you’re just getting to know each other. Change the topic and try to make her more comfortable.

13. She’s always by your side

When walking around town with your date, if you find yourself wandering around and she’s also close by, then rejoice! She’s into you! Her being constantly nearby means she’s seeking protection and comfort.

14. She “accidentally” touches you

There are times where she genuinely touched your arm or leg on accident, but if she’s constantly doing it in a relatively short amount of time, then she’s looking for attention. Don’t get weirded out and try to scoot away so “accidental” contact doesn’t occur. She may take it as a sign that you’re not interested even though you’re trying to be the good guy by giving her space.

15. She remembers everything you say

One thing that men lack is short-term memory, especially when it comes to specific details about people we’re casually seeing. However, women, in general, have an abundance of this and are willing to store every random detail about you if they like you. If she remembers that you don’t like ketchup or where you vacationed during your childhood, then you definitely have her attention. Conversely, if huge details about yourself don’t seem to stick in her mind, you’re not as important to her as you might hope.


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