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11 presidents confirm attendance of Museveni inauguration ceremony

11 presidents confirm attendance of Museveni inauguration ceremony, more expected- GCIC

At any rate eleven (11) Heads of State have affirmed to go to the introduction service of President Yoweri Museveni on May 12, 2021, at Kololo, the Government Citizens Interaction Center (GCIC), has affirmed.

Talking about the approaching occasion, the SPA/Communications Director of GCIC, a division in State House, Ms. Marcella Karekye said a sum of 42 Heads of State were expanded a greeting for the occasion.

“An invitation was extended to 42 Heads of States and so far,11 Heads of States are attending in person and about 10 will send high-power delegations,” Ms. Karekye said.

On the number of are authoritatively expected to be in Kampala for the occasion, Ms. Karekya said “affirmation messages are as yet coming in.”

The capacity will likewise be confined to 4,000 welcomed visitors with Government Heads expected to stretch to more than 20.

As indicated by accessible COvID-19 conventions, all welcomed visitors are required to have a new COVID-19 testament and follow the SOPs.

The National Organizing Committee (NOC) for the swearing-in function has likewise demonstrated that visitors will be situated with legitimate social removing.

Museveni was proclaimed the victor with 58% of the survey, bobbing back to State House to add on his 35 years in office.


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